Grape Protein Popsicles

Grape Protein Popsicles  

May 27:  National Grape Popsicle Day 

After a hard, sweaty workout, Highlander likes to cool off with an ice cold protein shake (see our blog recipe post for Strawberries and Cream Protein Shake). Recently, Islander’s brother, Kahuna, introduced him to an interesting protein product packaged in a test tube. With summer approaching and the heat rising (especially in South Texas), their workouts were getting sweatier. So Islander decided to freeze their grape-flavored protein whey shots in plastic cups. Her guys could pump up with some potent purple popsicles and they could cool down quickly with a healthy frozen treat after their hot workouts and on National Grape Popsicle Day. 




Pour the protein liquid into the small plastic cups. Cover the tops with foil. Stick a popsicle stick straight down through the top. Freeze until solid. Remove the frozen treats from the cups. Enjoy immediately.

Grape Protein Popsicles


  • We used to have cheap popsicle molds from the dollar store. But the plastic sticks kept breaking and we could not remove the frozen treats from the molds.