HI Cookery is proud to participate in the monthly Mac Attack challenge hosted at the MacTweets blog. Below are our entries.

October 2010
Theme: Pink Macarons for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
HI Cookery flavor: Strawberry macarons with strawberry buttercream filling

Strawberry Macarons

November 2010
Theme: Falling for Macarons (Fall Flavors)
HI Cookery flavor: “Gingy Macs” (gingerbread macarons with vanilla-cinnamon schnapps buttercream filling)

Gingy Macs

December 2010
Theme: Sweet and Savory Macarons
HI Cookery flavor: Champagne macarons with caviar-cream cheese filling

Champagne Caviar Macarons

January 2011
Theme: MacInspiration
HI Cookery flavor: Elmo Macarons (vanilla macarons with chocolate ganache filling)

Elmo Macarons

February 2011
Theme: Macarons for Valentine’s Day
HI Cookery flavor: Guava macarons with Hawaiian guava jam filling

Guava Macarons

March 2011
Theme: Sugar and Spice and Everything Fruity
HI Cookery flavor: Lavender macarons with lavender-blueberry dark chocolate ganache filling

Lavender Macarons

April 2011
Theme: Decadently Chocolate Macarons
HI Cookery flavor: HI Macs (chocolate macarons with whiskey-white chocolate ganache filling)

Chocolate Macarons

May 2011
Theme: Sporty Snacks Macarons
HI Cookery flavor: Basketball Macs (orange macarons with Triple Sec chocolate ganache filling)

Orange Spurs Macarons

June 2011
Theme: Fruit Macarons
HI Cookery flavor: Papaya macarons with papaya purée buttercream and dried papaya pieces

Papaya Macarons

July 2011
Theme: Ice Cream Dreams
HI Cookery flavor: Neapolitan Ice Cream Macarons

Neapolitan Ice Cream Macarons

August 2011
Theme: Liquor Macarons
HI Cookery flavor: Rum Macarons

Rum Macarons

September 2011
Theme: Macarons of the Season
HI Cookery flavor: Fall Fiesta Macs (Chocolate-cinnamon  macarons with dulce de leche/caramel filling)

Fall Fiesta Macarons

October 2011
Theme: Pink Macarons for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
HI Cookery flavor: Chambord (Raspberry Liqueur) macarons with raspberry jam filling

Chambord Macarons

March 2012
Theme: World Macaron Day (March 20)
HI Cookery flavor: Lemon macarons with lemon curd filling

Lemon Macarons

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18 Responses to “Mac Attack”

  1. deeba Says:

    Happy 6 month anniversary. That sure is a pretty and pink way to celebrate. Thank you for joining us at MacTweets with these gorgeous macarons! Love the background you chose to highlight the theme!

  2. arthi Says:

    absolutely gorgeous macs…and those feet are to die for!

  3. Jamie Says:

    Happy 6 months! And this is a wonderful way to celebrate! Such beautiful, perfect macs and I love that shade of pink. Fabulous background paper 🙂 So happy to have you baking in our MacKitchen with us!

  4. Lora Says:

    ADORable macs. Perfect and pink. A lovely tribute to this month’s cause. Happy 6 months!

  5. Cynthia Says:

    Beautiful macs! They sound so yummy too.

  6. Sue Says:

    Your macs are just perfectly beautiful!

  7. keksle Says:

    Looking forward to trying your gingerbread mac recipe! These will make perfect Christmas presents!

  8. Deeba @ PAB Says:

    Gingy macs…how absolutely novel, and warm! Just right for the season. Thank you for joining us at MacTweets!

  9. Deeba @ PAB Says:

    These are just S T U N N I N G … you are very creative indeed, and we love having you at MacTweets!

  10. Deeba @ PAB Says:

    Brilliant…well done. I feel inspired enough to go back and begin watching Sesame Street all over again! Love the RED you got into these, and the way you ‘trapped’ Elmo in each mac…WOW!!

  11. Lora Says:

    Those Elmo macs are adorable!

  12. Sue Says:

    O.K., you win! These are THE CUTEST macs I have EVER seen! Elmo looks very happy to have his own macs:)

  13. Bonnie Says:

    These are undoubtedly the cutest macs I have ever seen. Who knew that macs could be kid friendly.

  14. Mmmmm Guava sounds delicious and how cute are your little Elmo mac’s. Love them.

  15. Deeba @ PAB Says:

    As perfect as perfect can be, and PRETTY too. These are whimsical and romantic. Thank you for bringing the love to MacTweets!

  16. Margarita Says:

    Islander I’m amazed with your macarons. I tried already twice to make them with horrible disasters as a result. Hope I can learn from you, those guava look fantastic.

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