• the acronym for this blog’s creators, Highlander and Islander
  • the U.S. postal abbreviation for the State of Hawaii
  • an informal and friendly expression of greeting

Cookery (Noun)

  • the art, study or practice of preparing food
  • a place for cooking

Highlander and Islander

Highlander is a Canadian of Scottish descent and Islander is a local girl from Oahu, Hawaii.  Five years after meeting at a state university in the Midwest, we were married in July 1996 in Hawaii and took a heritage honeymoon to Scotland a year later. Highlander now works as a mechanical engineer and Islander is a layout editor. We both enjoy domestic and (hopefully more) foreign travel, international cuisine, cultural festivals, movies and theme events—and our interests are reflected in the recipes included in our blog.  Please respect that we have chosen not to reveal our names or show pictures of ourselves as a small measure to prevent identity theft and cyberstalking.  Although we prefer this wee bit of anonymity and privacy, we are aware that our personalities will be revealed through our blog posts.  Any resemblance to fictitious or real persons, dead or alive, or situations are purely coincidental.  Read more about us in our first, introductory post.

Recipe Posts

As per our tag line, we are gradually building this blog by attempting to “cook the calendar” with ethnic and eclectic recipes from credited sources.  The general format for presenting the recipes is as follows:  dateline, introduction, ingredients measured in the U.S. system (metric equivalents can be converted at Gourmet Sleuth), directions with some visual tutorials and notes (acknowledgments, special products, cooking techniques, useful kitchen gadgets, etc.). With a few exceptions of posts in pidgin (Hawaiian creole) and some foreign words with translations, the writing style will be straightforward to make it easier to understand for family and friends who read English as a Second Language.

Visual Tutorials

Our blog design is limited to a relatively neutral-hued theme template with a simple custom header, which is okay since we wanted the focus to be on the colorful cookery and not on a cluttered widgets sidebar or distracting advertisements. Obviously we are not professional photographers/videographers, but we still want to demonstrate some of the food preparation and creative techniques for our blog visitors. These are works in progress as we experiment with learning and using constantly changing technology. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Comment Policy

We really appreciate your interest in our blog. Comments about our posts are welcome but are moderated mostly to prevent spam (the annoying messages—not the kind we eat—see our Spam Musubi post), off-topic remarks and profanity.  HIcookery.wordpress.com is our domain name and this blog is our domain—our limited Web space is like our home on the Internet.  Blog visitors are virtual guests here and we will treat everyone with hospitality. However, any inappropriate comments will not be tolerated or allowed. We will respond via e-mail or within the comments section as soon as we are able (when we are not working/cooking/blogging, etc).

Terms of Use

Unless otherwise noted, all text and images in HI Cookery are owned by Highlander and Islander.  Do not reprint anything from our site without prior consent. We reserve the right to deny requests for use of our blog content. HI Cookery will take action, such as filing a notice of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act infringement, against those who abuse or violate our Terms of Use.

Contact Us

Highlander and Islander can be e-mailed at HI Cookery at hicookery [at] gmail [dot] com.