Bologna Sandwich

Bologna Sandwich

October 24: National Bologna Day

Bored with a basic bologna sandwich? Then fry it up for a fuller flavor! Although we do not eat luncheon meats very often, we do have a bologna sandwich as an alternative to ham, turkey or roast beef sandwiches. We eat it plain out of the package but, on the rare occasion, we do fry up the bologna slices. The hot meat melts the cheese for a tasty treat on toast.

Oscar Mayer, the company which processes a variety of luncheon meats, claims that about 2.19 million bologna sandwiches are eaten every year. That is equivalent to 6 million per day!

Whether or not that statistic is a bunch of baloney, join the many millions today who are eating a basic or fried bologna sandwich in celebration of National Bologna Day.



  • bologna slices (we used Oscar Mayer brand)
  • cheese slices (we used a lactose-free American cheese)
  • bread slices (white or wheat, toasted or untoasted)
  • condiments (mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, etc.)
  • vegetables (lettuce, tomatoes and onions)

For a basic bologna sandwich

Spread a condiment of choice on each slice of bread. Add cheese and bologna. Put vegetables in the middle, if desired. Top with the other slice of bread.

Bologna Sandwich

For a fried bologna sandwich

Slit a cross in the middle of a slice of bologna to prevent it from curling and bubbling up in the center. Heat a skillet (no oil is necessary) and fry each side of the slice of bologna until browned. Place between two slices of bread with the cheese. Condiments and vegetables may be added, if desired.

Bologna Sandwich


  • Fried bologna sandwiches are popular in the Midwestern and Southern states.
  • Bologna (also spelled baloney) is a large sausage inspired by the Italian mortadella, which originated from the city of Bologna.
  • Watch Oscar Mayer’s classic commercial featuring “the bologna song”. Since the original jingle aired on television in 1973, the company has attempted to revive its bologna advertising campaign. Several subsequent commercials still show kids singing the catchy tune. Look at the lyrics on the Lyrics Mode site and sing along!