Mickey Mouse Oreo Cookie Pops

Mickey Mouse Oreo Cookie Pops

November 18: Mickey Mouse’s Birthday

Happy birthday to Mickey Mouse, the iconic cartoon rodent and the official mascot of the Disney empire. Co-created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks, Mickey Mouse first appeared in screen tests for “Plane Crazy” on May 15, 1928. But his official debut in the animated short “Steamboat Willie” on November 18 of that same year catapulted Mickey into megastardom! Now he rules his (Magic) Kingdom, the entire (Disney) Land and the whole (Disney) World!

We enjoy visiting Mickey Mouse and his friends at the theme parks in California and Florida. We are entertained with his Disney-Pixar-ABC-produced movies and TV shows. We shop for mouse ears and more merchandise for our family and friends’ children (and sometimes ourselves!) at the Disney Store in the malls. And we like to eat Mickey Mouse-shaped fun foods, like sandwiches, cookies, rice cereal-marshmallow treats and pops.

Learn how to make Oreo sandwich cookies into magical chocolate-covered pops featuring his famous ears below. These delicious Disney-inspired desserts are great for serving at kids’ parties and for celebrating Mickey Mouse’s birthday!


(Based on Google Images)


  • Oreo Cookies (regular size, with or without “Double Stuff”)
  • Mini Oreo Cookies
  • White tube frosting (we used CakeMate brand)
  • Semi-sweet chocolate, melted (we used Baker’s brand)
  • Colorful non-pareils (we used Wilton brand)


Twist and separate the mini Oreo cookies for the mouse ears. Scrape off the filling and set aside. Twist and separate the larger Oreo cookies for the face. Squeeze white tube frosting to act as an adhesive for the ears and lollipop sticks. Position two mini Oreo cookies and press in place a lollipop stick.

MIckey Mouse Oreo Cookie Pops

Cover with the other half of the larger Oreo cookie, using additional white tube frosting as necessary. Push the other end of the lollipop stick into a styrofoam base. Continue assembling other cookie pops. Refrigerate until firm. Melt the chocolate and keep warm. Carefully coat the cookie pop with chocolate, gently tapping off the excess chocolate. Sprinkle with colorful non-pareils. Return to the styrofoam base and refrigerate until the chocolate has set. Serve as is or cover each cookie pop in a treat bag and tie with a decorative ribbon.

MIckey Mouse Oreo Cookie Pops