Minion Cupcakes

Minion Cupcakes

July 10, 2015: World Premiere of the “Minions” Movie

In the mood for a “despicable dessert”? Then make some Minion cupcakes! Inspired by the animated film, “Minions,” a prequel to the movies “Despicable Me” and “Despicable Me 2,” we made Minion cupcakes for the college kids (and kids-at-heart) for Islander’s brother’s campus ministry. The cute cupcakes were an instant hit!

Minions are the little, loyal creatures who work for Gru, an ex-super villain and main character of the two “Despicable Me” movies. But it was the Minions who practically stole the scenes!

Their popularity not only has garnered them a spin-off film, but the Minions are currently the mascot of Illumination Entertainment (the company that produced the movies). There are a Minion blimp, hot air balloon, video and online games, toys, clothing, theme party supplies and even a simulator ride at Universal Studios in Florida! Add crafts and cooking projects to the list, as Minions are a muse to many, including us!

So transform a Twinkie today into a Minion cupcake for the movie’s worldwide premiere!


(Based on Internet images)

For the Black Russian cupcakes

For the Minions

  • Twinkies (Cloud Cakes, etc.)
  • Black string licorice
  • Candy eyeballs (we used Wilton brand)
  • Black tube frosting
  • Yellow tube frosting (optional for the eyelids)
  • Blue frosting (we used Betty Crocker Cupcake Icing sky blue color)


Bake the Black Russian cupcakes and set aside to cool.

Minion Cupcakes

Make the Minions by cutting the Twinkies in half. Slice the licorice string into half-inch pieces. Position randomly on top of a Twinkie for the Minion hair. Using a small round tip (such as Wilton #4), pipe a black strip of frosting across the Twinkie half to make the Minion goggles.

Minion Cupcakes

Pipe black circles and press candy eyeballs in place (vary with one or two eyeballs). If thicker goggles are desired, pipe around the rim of the candy eyeballs. Pipe mouths of different expressions.

Minion Cupcakes

Frost the tops of the cooled cupcakes with blue cupcake icing (we used the ruffle tip). Put a toothpick (or short lollipop stick) in the middle (optional to hold the Minion in place). Position a Minion on top of the toothpick/lollipop stick. Cover until ready to serve to avoid drying out the Twinkie.

Minion Cupcakes


  • We baked Black Russian-flavored cupcakes because the character Gru, the Minions’ master, is supposedly Russian. Also, the dark chocolate flavor and color contrast well with the yellow sponge cake snacks.
  • For the Minion eyelids, swipe a strip of yellow frosting thinly above the candy eyeballs before positioning on the goggles.
  • Please warn guests before eating that there is a toothpick/lollipop stick in the middle of the Minion cupcake.
  • For the final food photo background above, we bought Minion paper plates from Party City.