Hawaiian Foods Week


ALOHA! The U.S. Senate passed a resolution to declare that June 12-18, 2016, is Hawaiian Foods Week. Hawaiian and local foods are a melting pot of native islander and Asian-Pacific Rim cuisines. Whether for a traditional luau (feast), kanikapila or simple gathering with the ‘ohana (family) and friends, celebrate Hawaiian Foods Week with HI Cookery by trying out some of these recipes*:

*More Hawaiian and local food recipes will be added to our Theme Menus section in the future. Search our blog for additional Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese recipes. The migrant sugar workers, including Islander’s late paternal grandfather (Maui) and two uncles (Oahu) from the Philippines, came to the Hawaiian Islands between 1850-1930 to labor in the fields. They brought their culture and cuisines and shared them with each other in the plantation villages, influencing the local way of life with a common language (pidgin English) and ‘ono (delicious) fusion foods.