Root Beer Float

Root Beer Float

August 6: National Root Beer Float Day

Highlander’s first job as a teenager was working at an A&W Root Beer restaurant in Southern California. He remembers using fountain taps to produce the popular root beer floats for customers. But these fizzy treats can be easily prepared at home without all the fancy food contraptions. Highlander now makes a special version of this ice cream soda for his favorite and most appreciative customer, Islander, using a simple scoop and a frosty mug. He combines lactose-free vanilla ice cream and a Hawaiian-made root beer and they slurp up the sweetness together! Now there’s no need to go to the restaurant when a recipe is provided below for a basic root beer float on National Root Beer Float Day!




In a cold mug or tall glass, place three scoops of vanilla ice cream. Slowly pour root beer over the ice cream and allow the foam to float to the top.  As it fizzles out, feel free to add another scoop of ice cream and pour more root beer on top. Insert drinking straw(s) and enjoy immediately.

Root Beer Float