HI Cookery is 4!

We can honestly admit that it is getting harder each year for us to continue maintaining a blog. But here we are, on our 4th blog-o-versary, still with our initial intent of completing the goal of cooking our way through the calendar year, albeit at a much slower pace.

Highlander got a promotion at his job this past year but works long hours and sometimes on Saturdays, too.  He still goes on many out-of-town business trips so he cannot help Islander as much with HI Cookery.

Islander faced major health issues late last summer and fall, having to drop out of school for basic web certification, and prioritize her health. It saddened her to stop some basic activities, including cooking and blogging, for a month and a half last year, to spend time at doctors’ offices for tests and treatments. She is feeling better now, although not 100%, and wants to continue posting recipes for HI Cookery whenever she is able.

Thank God she was blessed with an “apprentice” at her brother’s student ministry for which we frequently donate desserts (most of these recipes have been or will be posted on our blog). Islander is showing him how to decorate cakes, cookies and pies so he can help her make these goodies for prayer meetings and church socials. He can also use his newfound skills when he enters a Catholic novitiate (similar to seminary) in a few months and share what he has learned from us with others.

This exemplifies the spirit of HI Cookery. Through our stories and photo tutorials, we hope to enlighten others about food holidays and feast days as well as our cooking processes (please learn from our mistakes!) so they, too, can “pay it forward.”

We appreciate all those who have supported HI Cookery during these past four years. Whether eating our experiments, reading our blog, becoming a subscriber, “pinning” and “liking” our posts, being a guest chef, giving us creative cooking ideas or trying the recipes in their own kitchens, we thank everyone for sustaining us for another year.

Tapadh leat! Mahalo! Thanks!

Highlander and Islander