HI Cookery is 13!

Ah…the number 13 is considered unlucky. And perhaps it reflects our past year when it was Highlander’s turn to deal his own health issues (which required hospitalization and surgeries—yes, plural). We also got mild COVID last fall, though we have been vaxxed and boosted. What a stressful time yet we are trying to do what we can to still keep living life to the fullest!

Cooking has been a wonderful distraction from the stress. Trying new recipes and sharing them have been quite therapeutic mentally and physically. We reiterate that this little blog has never ever been for fame and fortune. We still get a few offers to be featured on other media and be monetized through affiliations. No, thank you! We are fine doing our own thing—and appreciate the unsolicited validation from our supporters. Yes, thank you!

This year, we added under our Theme Menus tab a section for “Oodles of Noodles”. In some cultures, noodles symbolize longevity. As we are getting older now and facing all the age-related issues, we pray for many more happy and healthy years ahead. Just us reaching our senior years is a blessing.

And HI Cookery turning 13 is…lucky!

Tapadh leat! Mahalo! Thanks!

Highlander and Islander

HI Cookery is 12!

A dozen years later…we are still around cooking ethnic and eclectic recipes!

This past year has been especially difficult, though, as Islander developed a rare blood clot in her lung following a procedure in her leg last spring (Highlander himself had a pulmonary embolism back in 2016). Fortunately, there were a few hospital beds still available for her during the pandemic to get excellent but expensive medical treatment. It was a long road to recovery and getting healthy took priority over food blogging and other aspects of our lives. We are grateful for your patience as we slowly return to this little hobby of ours.

HI Cookery started out simply as an online cook “book” to share recipes and memories with family and friends. The encouragement and prayers we receive from 200+ followers have been enough appreciation and motivation throughout the 12 years we have been posting on this website.

So cheers to a dozen years…and, God willing, many more for HI Cookery!

Tapadh leat! Mahalo! Thanks!

Highlander and Islander

HI Cookery is 10!

Time flies when we are cooking up some fun! We finally accomplished our goal and “cooked our way through the calendar”. It may have taken us 10 years—longer than most bloggers—to fill in all the holidays or feast days with a recipe or two (or more on some days). We may not have been as fancy as other sites, made money from ads or pushed to become popular for more traffic, but we stayed true to our simple selves for the past decade to merely share our recipes, learn new things about cooking and technology, and document our memories.

Even though we have every blessed day represented with a recipe now, we will slowly continue to add a few more throughout the coming years and hope to build on our Theme Menus with international recipes, especially since Islander became a member of her local global cooking club.

As we post this 10th blog-o-versary message, we are in the midst of surviving the coronavirus crisis. Food items and sanitation supplies are limited at the stores and social distancing is being practiced, so we cannot gather together and share meals with our families and friends. But we pray that this, too, shall pass and we can get on with our lives like before.

Thanks again to all our subscribers and visitors who have shown their support for our blog for the last 10 years. We may not know each one of you personally but are grateful that you took the time to read our humble blog. Take care, be safe and keep on cooking!

Tapadh leat! Mahalo! Thanks!

Highlander and Islander