HI Cookery is 10!

Time flies when we are cooking up some fun! We finally accomplished our goal and “cooked our way through the calendar”. It may have taken us 10 years—longer than most bloggers—to fill in all the holidays or feast days with a recipe or two (or more on some days). We may not have been as fancy as other sites, made money from ads or pushed to become popular for more traffic, but we stayed true to our simple selves for the past decade to merely share our recipes, learn new things about cooking and technology, and document our memories.

Even though we have every blessed day represented with a recipe now, we will slowly continue to add a few more throughout the coming years and hope to build on our Theme Menus with international recipes, especially since Islander became a member of her local global cooking club.

As we post this 10th blog-o-versary message, we are in the midst of surviving the coronavirus crisis. Food items and sanitation supplies are limited at the stores and social distancing is being practiced, so we cannot gather together and share meals with our families and friends. But we pray that this, too, shall pass and we can get on with our lives like before.

Thanks again to all our subscribers and visitors who have shown their support for our blog for the last 10 years. We may not know each one of you personally but are grateful that you took the time to read our humble blog. Take care, be safe and keep on cooking!

Tapadh leat! Mahalo! Thanks!

Highlander and Islander

HI Cookery is 9!

Our little blog is now 9! We sure have taken our sweet time to savor the journey of food blogging. But even when we reach our destination of “cooking our way through the calendar” next year, we still plan to continue sharing occasional recipes with everyone (we are still very surprised that people other than family and close friends have become loyal subscribers—for this we are flattered and most grateful). We might not post as often but our intent is just to share! Eventually we hope to figure out how to add printable recipe links, too.

We still get requests to monetize our blog but politely decline. We might be missing out on the extra money, publicity or online traffic. But we do not want to feel swayed or pressured to write about specific products. We use whatever is on sale, ingredients that are available locally, gourmet goodies that are gifted to us or items that we personally like/are used to, and these are all revealed in our posts and pictures.

There are so many other beautiful and better blogs out there and we admire those who are able to maintain them all and keep on cooking when life is just a busy reality. They inspire and educate us and we are humbled to be a part of the food blogging community since 2010.

Thanks to our readers for your continued prayers, encouragement and support. Y’all make turning 9 simply divine!

HI Cookery is 8!

Turning 8 is really great!!! That means HI Cookery is even closer to “cooking our way through the calendar” and filling in the missing food holiday dates with recipes. If we can post at least one recipe each month for the next two years, we would be able to complete the calendar in a decade! Although way much slower than other food bloggers with similar sites, we are almost there! Sometimes life just gets in the way—and that is okay.

Since our last blog-o-versary post, Highlander’s job moved its location further so he is now using public transportation (car, bus and train) to the new downtown corporate office and commutes over an hour one way (previously it was only a 15 minute drive). Breakfasts for him are much earlier and our dinners together are later now but we are adjusting our food preparation and cooking schedule. It sure beats having to move again (we did it at least five times already in our 21-year marriage).

As for Islander, she knows her roots (and heart) will always be in Hawaii. But she blooms where she is planted—wherever Highlander’s job moves us. After three years of living in our current location in the Gulf Coast of Texas, she is now president of the small, local cake club. Her friend, Karen B., also from the library culinary book club, is the vice president, and together they have decorated cakes and cookies for family and friends. They are not at all professional bakers or expert sugar artists. But they are learning a lot, teaching each other and having fun with their shared hobby.

And that’s what we wanted this blog to be, too—fun! Not a chore, not a monetizer, not for popularity rankings. HI Cookery is a simple food blog that we wanted to try together eight years ago so we could share recipes and celebrate something every day. We are blessed to have made it this far and thank everyone for taking the time to read our posts since 2010.

Highlander and Islander are truly GR8FUL on HI Cookery’s 8th blog-o-versary!

HI Cookery is 7!

Life is a gift and today is a “present”. This belief has guided us when we began our food blog back in 2010. HI Cookery, now in its seventh year, aims to feature a recipe for every day of the year—because there is something always worth celebrating, such as living another day.

This is especially true when Highlander went to the emergency room and then was taken by an ambulance to be hospitalized last summer for pulmonary embolism. This was a shock to both of us since he has been relatively healthy and there were no symptoms of the original blood clot in his leg. Hopefully, the doctors have treated him early on before he developed a deadly brain aneurysm. We are so grateful to God that Highlander is doing better now. His health still needs to be monitored but we realize just how precious life is—it is truly a gift, and getting a chance to live another day is a “present”! We ask our readers to please pray for his complete recovery.

As we have continued to “cook our way through the calendar” for the past seven years, we have finally filled in the all the days for January, February and March! We have leisurely cooked recipes randomly, but now we will be more focused on filling in the rest of the blanks of the remaining months. Tomorrow is not promised but we have scheduled some recipes to be posted already on their specific holidays.

HI Cookery is still a work in progress and we hope to live on and complete the cooking calendar. As always, thanks to everyone who have supported us in our blogging journey. Eat, drink and be merry!

Tapadh leat! Mahalo! Thanks!

Highlander and Islander

HI Cookery is 6!

We are now in our sixth year of blogging and are taking our time to “cook our way through the calendar”. At first, we wanted to finish fast and fill in all the food holidays on the list. But then we would not have enjoyed the experience as much if we were rushing. Eventually, we will complete our goal while, in the meantime, following the philosophy of Greg Anderson, founder of the Cancer Recovery Foundation International charity organization, who is quoted as saying:

Focus on the journey, not the destination.

Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.


We did not start this blog to get rich and famous through ads and publicity. Over the years, we have been approached by different groups inviting us to participate in monetizing our blog through affiliate marketing programs or publications asking us to be interviewed about a holiday recipe. We are flattered with the attention that HI Cookery has been getting. And maybe we will miss out on a lot of potential opportunities. But we have always wanted to keep things simple—cook a familiar or new dish to celebrate every day of the year, photograph the process and share the recipe with our memories with family, friends and followers. Life is busy and complicated enough. To us, the cooking-and-sharing ritual is what has made our food blogging an enriching experience. And that’s simply the reward in itself.


Within the past year, a few keen-eyed readers brought to our attention that some of our food photos have been used without our permission to promote someone else’s home baking business (which is a misrepresentation as well as a violation of copyrights). Other readers offered their support and ideas (such as making our watermark bigger on the newer photos) when we were plagiarized. We realize that others still use our images on Pinterest or other blogs, with or without links back to our blog. The bigger watermark still will not prevent people from using our photos anyway but it will identify better HI Cookery as the original source. We truly appreciate our readers and subscribers, many of whom we have not met personally, for looking out for us in cases like these.


Islander won a cake competition this past Valentine’s Day—her first! Fellow members of the local cake club were asked to bring in a 6-inch cake (real or dummy) to the February meeting to match the month’s “love” theme. For her presentation, Islander patiently hand cut silhouettes of couples during different stages of their love lives—from engagement and marriage to pregnancy/family and the golden years. Her cake told “A Little Love Story” which won her $25 to a cake supply shop. She is happy and encouraged to learn more about cake decorating and will share her techniques in a future blog post.

We hope you continue on our food blogging journey with us as HI Cookery heads into Year 6 with more recipes to come…and, as always…

Tapadh leat! Mahalo! Thanks!

Highlander and Islander

HI Cookery is 5!

It’s HI Cookery’s fifth year blog-o-versary and Highlander and Islander are still here trying to cook our way through the calendar year. Since we began this foodie project in 2010, we have posted more than 525 recipes. Other noteworthy happenings since last year include the following:

We have moved again! Last year we lived in south Texas. Just four months ago, we moved slightly northeast—about 3.5 hours’ drive away—due to Highlander’s job. We miss our family and friends but we are still in the same big state and can visit each other. We are also adjusting to our new kitchen; we no longer have an island and our oven is smaller but the pantry space is good. Unfortunately, we do not have much natural lighting so it is more challenging to photograph our food. However, we like our new kitchen and hope that we can continue to cook for our blog and ourselves and host new friends in our dining room.

2014 kitchen

HI Cookery’s new kitchen (December 2014)

Islander joined the local cake club and culinary book club. She is still a member of the previous cake club and helps with their graphic design needs. The one she just joined only meets quarterly and is less formal but members visit cake club events all over the state and sometimes the nation. So she is able to see familiar and friendly faces at various sugar arts events in Texas. She also joined the culinary book club at our local library. Members meet monthly for a potluck and follow a food theme. Some of the recipes exchanged at the culinary book club meeting will be featured in future posts on our blog.

We are now a “Cottage Food Law” certified kitchen. Although we don’t sell baked goods, we sometimes participate in church bake sales and other benefits. Some organizations require that volunteer bakers and home cooks get a food safety training certificate if their state has a cottage food law. We think it is a good idea just to review the sanitation and food handling information so the food that we cook and serve is safe for everyone to eat and enjoy. Check Forrager, a cottage food community website, for more information about cottage food laws in the United States.

New theme menu on the menu. Navigate on the dropdown menu options above and notice that we have added a new page for “theme menus”. Throughout our fifth year of blogging, we will classify some recipes into themes, such as Star Wars, Halloween, ethnic, etc., to give readers a few ideas on what to prepare for their own parties. As listed on our “cook the calendar” page, there is always something to celebrate in life—so make it fun with food!

We may be slowing down—but HI Cookery is still around! And we hope to continue sharing recipes beyond our five-year milestone. As always, thanks for reading and visiting our blog. We appreciate your loyalty. God bless!

Tapadh leat! Mahalo! Thanks!

Highlander and Islander

HI Cookery is 4!

We can honestly admit that it is getting harder each year for us to continue maintaining a blog. But here we are, on our 4th blog-o-versary, still with our initial intent of completing the goal of cooking our way through the calendar year, albeit at a much slower pace.

Highlander got a promotion at his job this past year but works long hours and sometimes on Saturdays, too.  He still goes on many out-of-town business trips so he cannot help Islander as much with HI Cookery.

Islander faced major health issues late last summer and fall, having to drop out of school for basic web certification, and prioritize her health. It saddened her to stop some basic activities, including cooking and blogging, for a month and a half last year, to spend time at doctors’ offices for tests and treatments. She is feeling better now, although not 100%, and wants to continue posting recipes for HI Cookery whenever she is able.

Thank God she was blessed with an “apprentice” at her brother’s student ministry for which we frequently donate desserts (most of these recipes have been or will be posted on our blog). Islander is showing him how to decorate cakes, cookies and pies so he can help her make these goodies for prayer meetings and church socials. He can also use his newfound skills when he enters a Catholic novitiate (similar to seminary) in a few months and share what he has learned from us with others.

This exemplifies the spirit of HI Cookery. Through our stories and photo tutorials, we hope to enlighten others about food holidays and feast days as well as our cooking processes (please learn from our mistakes!) so they, too, can “pay it forward.”

We appreciate all those who have supported HI Cookery during these past four years. Whether eating our experiments, reading our blog, becoming a subscriber, “pinning” and “liking” our posts, being a guest chef, giving us creative cooking ideas or trying the recipes in their own kitchens, we thank everyone for sustaining us for another year.

Tapadh leat! Mahalo! Thanks!

Highlander and Islander