Bandage Cookies

Bandage Cookies

October 31: Halloween

Gross out your guests with graham cracker bandage cookies. With only three ingredients—graham crackers and white and red frosting—these sweet treats are so quick to make for any last-minute ghoulish get-togethers. For an even more bloody good time, make these bandage cookies to go with our other Halloween recipes, such as ribs, fingers, eyeballs, earwax, brain, bones, apple smiles and more. Happy Halloween!



  • Graham crackers
  • White tube frosting
  • Red gel tube icing


With a sharp knife, carefully separate the graham crackers into quarters. For each cracker strip, squeeze out a square of white frosting from the tube. Next, add a little “blood” on the center with the red gel tube icing. Serve on a bed of cheesecloth stained in red liquid food coloring.

Bandage Cookies


  • There are several variations for creating these creepy cookies. Wafer cookies or club crackers may be used instead of the graham crackers. Square-cut fondant pieces or white cheese spread may be used instead of the white frosting center. And strawberry jam or jelly may be used instead of the red gel tube icing.
  • For the bloody bandage background, randomly smudge red liquid food coloring on cheesecloth and let dry.
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