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July 13: Highlander and Islander’s Wedding Anniversary

 Tapaidh leat and mahalo nui loa. Thank you (in Scots Gaelic and Hawaiian) to Islander’s brother, Kahuna, for giving our blog its own domain name to commemorate our 15th wedding anniversary in 2011! HI Cookery can still be accessed via https://hicookery.wordpress.com but it will take readers to http://www.hicookery.com or http://hicookery.com.

We also want to thank those who are new subscribers as well as those who have faithfully followed us as we, Highlander and Islander, gradually build our blog and “cook the calendar” with ethnic and eclectic recipes. Your support, prayers, patience and encouragement have made this hobby a worthwhile and delicious endeavor!

HI Cookery is 1!

April 11: HI Cookery Blog Anniversary

Dia duit and aloha! We launched our blog on April 11, 2010, as a personal project to chronicle our cooking adventures, share recipes with family and friends and get experience in digital media. Instead of a recipe, this post is a reflection of our first year.

Maintaining a blog most definitely keeps us busy! It is a time-consuming process to shop for ingredients, “cook the calendar,” style and photograph various dishes, write about what the recipe means to us and do all the technical uploading to the site. Sometimes it is fun (we are especially encouraged by readers’ positive feedback) and sometimes it is frustrating (see our Food Flops page). We are amazed at how other food bloggers can maintain their sites so frequently as we realize that this hobby requires discipline! But HI Cookery is our labor of love.

We hoped to have better photography skills and added more video and audio features this past year. Islander’s little Sony Cyber-Shot digital camera has gone through a lot of abuse to photograph the cooking process; it has survived the stains and stickiness while she took step-by-step pictures for the visual tutorials. Highlander’s bigger Canon Rebel digital camera is older and bulkier but it served us well in capturing the final food shots, most especially when one of our photo entries for Ham and Leek Tarts was accepted into the highly-selective FoodGawker site. We thank Islander’s brother, Kahuna, who produced our first YouTube video for the Oreo Turkey Cookies and helped us post our first audio file for Hawaiian Hurricane Popcorn.

Other HI Cookery blog supporters we want to acknowledge are Lisa L., our frequently mentioned friend, for sending us interesting international ingredients; the MacTweets network, a macaron-making community, for the opportunity of exchanging ideas in the blogosphere; our family and friends for sharing their food-related memories and recipes; co-workers and students for being guinea pigs eating our culinary creations; and our subscribers and readers for visiting and commenting. We thank you all for motivating us throughout our first year of food blogging.

We are proud of what we have been able to accomplish so far. Our main goal for the next year is to fill in the blanks in our new Cook the Calendar page. We look forward to trying more new recipes and sharing familiar favorites in future posts.  We appreciate everyone who has joined us in our journey of cooking and blogging. Have a happy cyberspace celebration with Highlander and Islander on HI Cookery’s first blog-o-versary!


  • As of today’s first blog-o-versary date, there have been 165 posts published, with Cookie Monster Cupcakes being the most viewed.
  • Our blog has challenged us to try “ethnic and eclectic” recipes and get out of our comfort zone. Cooking new dishes has broadened our tastes and enhanced our interests in cultural cuisines.
  • Several other recipe posts have been already scheduled. Sometimes we cook in advance to compensate for when our time is dedicated to work or travel. We try to post early on the food holiday or feast day, in case blog readers are inspired to cook the dish of the day and can plan ahead and prepare their menus accordingly.
  • Have any other food bloggers gained weight during their first year?!?! It sounds like a good excuse anyway to blame the blog!
  • All good things, like our blog, is made possible by the grace of God.

HI from HI Cookery!

Dia duit and alohaFailte and e komo mai! Greetings from Highlander and Islander, and welcome to HI Cookery. We started this blog because it gives us the opportunity to share ethnic and eclectic recipes with our family and friends as well as to chronicle our culinary memories using a combination of liturgical, world holidays and food-related calendars as our recipe selection guides.

Our “cook the calendar” theme complements our belief that yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future and today is a “gift” from God—and that is why it is called the “present.”  In time, we hope our blog will be filled with daily reminders—if not literally daily bread recipes—of His divine providence.

We realize that blogging takes effort, time and technical skill.  It will challenge us personally and creatively (cooking, writing, photography, videography, etc.).  While attracting followers can be motivating, it is not as important to us as the learning and sharing process.

It is also in this spirit of sharing (Luke 3:11) that we have sent Treats to the Troops in the Middle East, contributed to fundraisers and bake sales, fed students and staff for campus ministries, participated in potluck parties and entertained occasionally at home over the years.

our kitchens

HI COOKERIES: Newlyweds’ claustrophobia kitchen; condo and corporate apartment kitchens; and current Highlander and Islander (HI) kitchen.

When we got married, the tiny kitchen in our first apartment sufficed.  Since then, we were blessed with kitchen upgrades each time Highlander’s job relocated us (Oklahoma, New Jersey, Illinois and Texas).  Not only has our cookery (place of cooking) improved, but so has our own cookery (the art, study or practice of preparing food) through tasty triumphs as well as food flops. Hence, the dictionary provided a concise descriptor for our blog title.

We especially thank our family and friends for encouraging us to start this blog. We are grateful to them for sharing their recipes, ideas, customs and traditions, feedback and generous gifts (specialty ingredients and cooking gadgets) as well as being our guinea pigs taste-testers and allowing us to use their cookeries/kitchens when we visit their homes.

Read more About Us and our blog.  Recipes will be posted hereafter.  Thanks for visiting and supporting HI Cookery.

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