Oreo Birthday Cookie Pops

Oreo Birthday Cookie Pops

March 6: Nabisco (National Biscuit Company) launched in 1912

The Oreo cookie turns 100 on March 6, 2012! The ubiquitous sandwich cookies with the creamy center are a favorite among many children—including kids-at-heart like us. Nabisco, a division of Kraft Foods, was launched in 1912 with its most famous cookie product—the Oreo. Although we have eaten Oreos out of the package plain with a tall glass of milk, we especially enjoy decorating them into extra special desserts, like birthday cookie pops. Whether plain or prepared as pretty treats, Oreos are fun to eat! Happy birthday, Oreos!


(Inspired by Kraft)



Twist and separate the Oreo cookies. Squeeze the white tube frosting (“adhesive”) in the middle of one cookie and place a lollipop or popsicle stick on it. Sandwich with the other cookie. Freeze for a few minutes to set the frosting.

Oreo Birthday Cookie Pops

Meanwhile, slowly melt the chocolate or candy melts over a double boiler. Coat the Oreos in the melted chocolate/candy, tapping off the excess. Sprinkle with colorful non-pareils. Stand the Oreo pops by sticking them on a styrofoam or wood base with holes. Refrigerate to firm up the candy coating. Serve as is or cover each cookie pop in a treat bag and tie with a decorative ribbon.

Oreo Birthday Cookie Pops


  • We used Oreos to make Mickey Mouse pops as well as turkey cookies with candy corn. Crushed Oreos can be made into crumb crusts for pies.
  • Work quickly when coating the Oreos so the frosting “adhesive” between the filling does not melt. Otherwise, the coating will be too heavy and the cookie will slide off the stick (see our Food Flops page).